Service or Solution?

How should Box Technologies best represent its increased focus as a solution provider to the market place? What do we mean by a “solution”? What does our market place understand by a solution and does it matter how we communicate our offerings?

Over the years, Box Technologies has offered leading edge business products and more recently, solutions. We have always conducted business by ensuring the customer interface is king; the technology Box Technologies incorporates within its solutions, offers the client the quickest and best way of gaining and maintaining business advantage. For a project, the key to success is covering all the angles from design to deployment. But the solution doesn’t end there: it is precisely in the post-project honeymoon that a responsible and professional organisation ensures the beat goes on.

Box Technologies believes in regular post-deployment reviews to ensure the solution is delivering the benefits expected. Post-deployment meetings are also encouraged in which customer testimonials may be discussed as well since if a customer is pleased with the outcome of his or her decision to proceed with a Box Technologies’ solution, we encourage him to tell others.

We see the business solution as an discrete project, albeit a multi-faceted one. But Service from Box Technologies is the overarching umbrella that embraces everything we do from selling a humble receipt printer, to deploying a customer concept store across a large retail estate. It means the customer is always considered first and the solution is maintained to the leak of expectation. That is why people buy from Box and return.