Box Technologies launches the elegant powerful Cielo series of EPoS Terminals

Box Technologies, the UK’s leading provider of customer interface technology solutions is delighted to announce the launch of the Cielo range of high-end EPoS terminals specifically designed to combine high performance with aesthetically pleasing looks aimed squarely at the fashion, pharmacy, hospitality and specialty retail sectors.

Cielio is a beautiful and powerful EPoS terminal endowed with an ultra-slim display, sleek chassis and small footprint design. Its bezel free design gives a tablet style look and combined with its smooth lines and elegant appearance, Cielo is ideal for high-end retail, fashion and specialty stores.

Cielo is equally at home dealing with more mission critical applications. Cleanliness at the point of sale within a pharmacy or hospitality environment, for example, is essential and Cielo provides design features that address these important requirements. The Cielo boasts a vent-free frame which along with its bezel free construction ensures a cleaner, morehygienic terminal. This provides the additional benefit of reducing ingress of liquid, dust or food, which can have a detrimental effect on the lifespan of the touch screen.

Cielo is available in a choice of charcoal or white; whilst charcoal might find itself in a designer style operation, the latter is ideal in a pharmacy environment where any accumulation of dirt is easily visible enabling it to be wiped clean and kept clear of germs.

There are two models. Besides the Cielo, the Cielo-i is the high performance version for use in environments where transactions may be more complex and require a more system hungry software package. This PoS terminal can be supplied with either an i3 or i5 core bringing  prodigious amounts of computing power.

Operationally, Cielo boast a bright image display which is backlit for ease of use. It is economic in its power consumption and has a tough but light aluminium chassis with a compact footprint that is perfect for point of service areas where space is at a premium.

Of its launch, Richard Elmes, Marketing Manager at Box Technologies, remarked, “The introduction of Cielo addresses a need within the retail , pharmacy and hospitality sectors for a point of sale terminal that provides both performance and stunning good looks. Its tablet style lines bring the point of sale environment up to date whilst its design practicalities ensure that it is easy to keep clean with fewer moving parts for longer life and low total cost of ownership. Cielo shows the beauty can be combined with practicality”.

For ISVs and Value Added Resellers, Box Technologies is planning to run a series of open days of the entire range of new EPoS systems including the Cielo and Cielo-i in Thame starting on Wednesday October 10th. Please contact your account manager or visit for full details.

Box Technologies Attending Retail Fraud 2012 ‘On the Road’

Box Technologies is pleased to announce its participation in this year’s Retail Fraud ‘On the Road’ conference and exhibition.

Box Technologies will be exhibiting its innovative range of loss prevention technology, most notably the SMARTtill™ solution designed to rapidly count the cash in your point of sale drawer and reconcile PoS transactions with till contents reducing cash management costs, improving control and deterring theft.

Taking place at the King Power Stadium in Leicester on the 4th of October 2012, Retail Fraud 2012 ‘On the Road is the United Kingdom’s only conference and exhibition dedicated to tackling retail fraud; showcasing the latest in loss prevention technology.

Box Technologies is also proud to announce that it is the Retail Fraud Official Digital Signage Partner. Stay posted for more information.

New SMARTTill on display at Retail Fraud

Box Technologies’ move to the solutions business will be enhanced in London on 19th April at the Retail Fraud conference and exhibition  Box will be presenting the Box Technologies Loss Prevention Solution with a first showing of the SMARTTill cash reconciliation till. Box Technologies has teamed with Evigilo and Cashbases to present an integrated Loss Prevention Solution aimed at reducing in-store theft by customers and employees. Event triggering, easy image retrieval and EPoS till data overlays make the solution easy and intuitive to use. SMARTTill adds another angle to the overall solution by linking till content with transactional value. In addition, Box long-term customer Henderson Group will be presenting a brief overview of the solution in use.