Showrooming is taking on a new life

Showrooming – the practice of using a high street store’s goods and services to try out a product before going online to buy it at the lowest price possible, is not a new shopping trend. Online portal reports that ’48% of showroomers use physical stores to research products with no intention of making a purchase’.

In a recent letter to the press, Box Technologies’ Chairman Russell Willcox argues that the availability of price comparison sites coupled with the fact that smart phones are so readily affordable mean showrooming is mounting a real threat to the existence of stores on the high street. The simple point is – if shoppers want to maintain shops as high street ‘bricks’ rather than just virtual sites or ‘clicks’, they may have accept a higher price for the same product or service. Compared with a web warehouse, there are real and substantial investments and on-going costs which the high street retailer has to bear; these are simply not a problem for the online e-tailer, freed from the exigencies of paying rent, rates, utility costs – [heat and lighting, water] and of course the cost of staff in front of house and back office functions. Reassuringly, savvy IT solution providers like Box play a significant role in providing solutions to wow the in-store shopper. Mobile browsing devices, compelling merchandising of the shop floor and lighting in-store, interactive digital signage and flexible self-service kiosks offer the possibility of raising the pitch of the customer in-store experience. Stores themselves must also do more to reward loyalty and improve store layout, train sales staff to be more customer focused, adopt assisted selling practices, make checkout quicker and easier, improve access to self-service and deploy in-store browsing.

Box believes high street stores are here to stay, but they need to adapt the in-store experience to be more compelling and friendly – even if there may not be the lowest prices immediately available. The web has empowered the consumer, it’s time for the retailer to take some of that back. Those who don’t embrace technology will fail

Box Technologies appointed official technology sponsor of UKTI’s presence at GITEX 2012

Oxfordshire, September 27th 2012: Box Technologies, the UK’s leading provider of customer interface technology solutions, is proud to announce that it has been appointed UK Trade & Investment’s (UKTI) official technology sponsor at the forthcoming GITEX Technology Week in Dubai.


Box Technologies will be supplying and installing the latest digital signage technology and self-service kiosks on UKTI’s stand in order to assist and enhance their presence as well as streamlining the overall attendee experience.

The deal comes given UKTI’s mission to maximise British trade opportunities overseas and in exchange Box will receive considerable promotion as well as access to a wealth of additional events during the course of the week.

Box Technologies will also be exhibiting at the event with the aim of discussing their range of innovative PoS, retail banking, self-service, queue management and interactive digital signage solutions with prospective clients.

Box Technologies Corporate Video


Not the usual catalogue of user stories or Box Technologies’ history : join the Box Runner as he surfs his way through the shopping mall of the future. Get a taste of where Box Technologies is taking its cutting edge business solutions. Armed with just his tablet, the Box Runner surfs, selects, makes a rendez-vous at his bank and orders and pays for his lunch – while on the run. A light-hearted but poignant look at the way Box Technologies is delivering customer engagement solutions to retail outlets near you, TODAY!

Thomas McKnight showcases Box Technologies Loss Prevention at Retail Fraud conference

London, April 19th 2012, the Novotel Hammersmith: Thomas McKnight, Technical Manager for Retail Solutions at Henderson Group in Belfast gave an energetic overview of the Group’s approach to loss prevention and theft over a period of some years with reference to their implementation of Box Technologies Loss Prevention Solution.

With over 650 delegates to the conference, Thomas’ theme was that loss prevention is always theft and needs to be seriously tackled by businesses whose profits can be destroyed by this malpractice. Thomas pointed out that the temptation to steal can be an habitual practice or can overcome an honest person in difficult circumstances. Retailers must be on guard and prepared to use technology to deter and, if appropriate, to prosecute offenders. Thomas suggested that embedded functionality, enhanced browsers, time synchronisation of activity and timed transactions are the best practices to use in an IT solution together with with data overlaying in-store video recordings. Also, data mining is the easiest way to identify shrinkage without spending hours and hours browsing recordings.

In addition to the retailer perspective from Thomas, loss prevention guru Marcus Brennan gave a technical overview of Box Technologies’ Loss Prevention Solution to the Masterclass session at the conference. Interested in loss prevention ? Please download the overview brochure from the website or contact your Box Technologies account manager.

Marcus Brennan at the Retail Fraud Masterclass in London

House of Fraser updates customer payment terminals with VeriFone Secura


House of Fraser deploys new VeriFone payment terminals

House of Fraser upgrades customer payment devices to VeriFone Secura terminals and Space Pole mounts.

House of Fraser’s customer payment terminals needed updating to maintain Payment Card Industry Data Security (PCI DSS)Accreditation. The PCI DSS is a mandatory compliance standard for all payment service providers. The result was the custom installation of bespoke payment areas at House of Fraser stores by Box Technologies, comprising VeriFone Secura payment terminals and Space Pole mounting solutions with grip for improved accessibility.

Celebrating 20-years in IT retail business,  Box Technologies was the UK’s first Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS) equipment distributor, basing its core foundation and commercial success on key direct business relationships with leading EPoS manufacturers like Epson, Cash Bases, Elo Touchsystems, Honeywell, Toshiba and VeriFone.

House of Fraser needed a highly accessible PCI-DSS-accredited payment system that could integrate with its existing infrastructure. The challenge was from planning, setting and implementing a new system that would fully integrate with House of Fraser’s existing technology.
The PCI DSS is a set of comprehensive requirements for enhancing payment account data security. Developed to help facilitate the broad adoption of consistent data security measures on a global basis, the PCI DSS is a multifaceted security standard that includes requirements for security management, policies, procedures, network architecture, software design and other critical protective measures

. This comprehensive standard is intended to help House of Fraser proactively protect customer account data. The challenge was to deliver a bespoke customer payment system that integrated perfectly within all House of Fraser stores with minimal disruption.
The Solution
A PCIDSS-accredited Verifone Secura payment terminal and Space Pole mounting solution were installed in House of Fraser stores to enhance the payment account data security of its customers. The multi-store upgrade of House of Fraser’s legacy payment system included project planning, site preparation, supply and implementation, staff training, and post-installation support – all with minimal disruption to House of Fraser.

The opportunity with House of Fraser to upgrade its payment system led directly to the improvement of its payment accessibility for customers. With the ubiquitous use of PIN entry at the point of sale, House of Fraser needed to position the Secura devices in an intuitive way that was easily accessible to all its customers. Their placement was crucial for ease of use, so Box Technologies integrated space-saving Space Poles within the store’s existing furniture.

The Technology
The PCI PED and EMV-approved Verifone Secura payment terminal is a highly secure, easy to use PIN pad that features both magstripe and EMV smart card readers. The PIN pad has a backlit graphical display for easy viewing, large tactile keys that are also backlit and an illuminated smart card entry slot. The Secura has a privacy shield for added security, it’s tamper-responsive, and moulded rubber grips keep it securely in hand.

The units were supplied and installed by Box Technologies under the product line of Box EPoS.‘The Verifo

Service or Solution?

How should Box Technologies best represent its increased focus as a solution provider to the market place? What do we mean by a “solution”? What does our market place understand by a solution and does it matter how we communicate our offerings?

Over the years, Box Technologies has offered leading edge business products and more recently, solutions. We have always conducted business by ensuring the customer interface is king; the technology Box Technologies incorporates within its solutions, offers the client the quickest and best way of gaining and maintaining business advantage. For a project, the key to success is covering all the angles from design to deployment. But the solution doesn’t end there: it is precisely in the post-project honeymoon that a responsible and professional organisation ensures the beat goes on.

Box Technologies believes in regular post-deployment reviews to ensure the solution is delivering the benefits expected. Post-deployment meetings are also encouraged in which customer testimonials may be discussed as well since if a customer is pleased with the outcome of his or her decision to proceed with a Box Technologies’ solution, we encourage him to tell others.

We see the business solution as an discrete project, albeit a multi-faceted one. But Service from Box Technologies is the overarching umbrella that embraces everything we do from selling a humble receipt printer, to deploying a customer concept store across a large retail estate. It means the customer is always considered first and the solution is maintained to the leak of expectation. That is why people buy from Box and return.